We can throw a party for your children’s birthday in our room on the first floor. We offer a complete package with room location, goûter, animation and little gifts:-

– Duration: 2 hours
– Capacity: 12 children
– Setting: large and bright room, decorated with bunting with the child’s first name, balloons, pompoms
– Goûter: plates, cups, napkins, organic juices, sweets, birthday cake customised with cute cake design, the child’s first name and age
– Animation: to choose between the three party options below
– Parents: parents can stay in the café, chat and drink, if they wish
– Gifts: each invitee is offered a little gift
– Fun: guaranteed!


– Age: from 3 to 7 years old
– Theme to choose: princess, fairy, clown, pirate, super hero, knight, cowboy, witch, sorcerer, Bollywood dancer, Native American
– Animation: coordinated by a disguised animator, face makeup, games, dances, magic tricks, balloon twisting, goûter, distribution of the gifts

Tarif: 420€ for up to 12 children // +10€ for each extra child, up to a limit of 14 children (deposit of 100€ for the booking).


– Age: from 5 to 10 years old
– Animation: a magician comes to put on a show of magic, fun and interactive, then will teach all the children some magic tricks that they can reproduce at home.
– Booking: at least 1 month before the party.

Tarif: 549€ for up to 12 children // +10€ for each extra child, up to a limit of 14 children (deposit of 100€ for the booking).


– Age: from 5 to 12 years old
– Animation: kids get initiated to the Lego technology through building animated electric objects. The BATTLETRACK animation is a duel between vehicles on a single rail. The aim is to build a vehicle that would topple the opponent. Kids are told rules that emphasise on mutual respect, creativity and problem-solving. Other possible animations based on building universes: fun fair, airport & airplane, Star Wars or Ninjago.
– Booking: at least 1 month before the party.

Tarif: 420€ for up to 12 children (deposit of 100€ for the booking).

Warning : In case of a cancellation, the deposit will be reimbursed only if the cancellation request has been made at least 3 weeks before the party.

Birthday parties can be thrown on:-
– saturdays from 2 to 4pm
– saturdays from 4.30 to 6.30pm
(and on the first three sundays in December)

To book or ask for further information, please write to or call +

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